OXON Services

OXON Services

Basic Info about us

The Oxon Institute is renowned for its industry expertise and start-to-finish support.

The Oxon Institute offers school and university comparisons, career counseling, application assistance, language and standardized testing services, and visa application processing.


Career Counselling

Career counseling is provided for students who wish to study abroad. Our highly qualified counselors support students who wish to study abroad by understanding their aptitude, academics, employment, and financial background.


Test Preparation

In order to enroll in an overseas university, test preparation classes are required. We offer classes for the NAT, JLPT, and IELTS. These tests determine eligibility for admission, as well as for scholarships and other financial aid to universities and vocational schools.



We will guide you through the entire process of obtaining a visa, including the preparation of your application, letters of recommendation, transcripts, letter of motivation, and financial statements to ensure 100% success.


Interview Preparation

We prepare students for visa interviews so that they have the confidence to overcome any difficulties in the interview process.
We conduct interviews and group discussions to build their confidence, analyze their weaknesses, and turn them into strengths.


Visa Preparation

The most important part of studying abroad is obtaining a visa.

We offer guidance on how to obtain a visa. We will guide you through the process of obtaining a visa without making any mistakes.


Airport Pick-up & Accommodation

We provide pre-departure services to students which cover accommodation, cost of living, and immigration procedures until you land in your dream country.


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Why Oxon Institute?

As an agent of this competitive society, we stand by to serve all students so that their Japanese careers can develop autonomously. We will never compromise on quality because quality is the best way to succeed. We provide real guidance to our students and lead them to Japan as well. Students who choose Oxon Institute & Consultants are assured that they will receive flawless guidance in Japan. We are committed to the development of Nepal as a whole, and we are committed to our students’ careers in Japan.


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